Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Wicked Hop Bloody Mary - Legendary!

The Wicked Hop is all but famous for their amazing bloody mary's.  Any time friends are in from out of town I have to take them here for one.  It's just part of living in the city... to swing by the Hop for a Bloody on a Sunday.

Garnish / Presentation:  5
This bloody isn't playing around.  Peeled shrimp, Old Wisconsin beefstick, midget kosher dill pickle, walnut street portabella mushroom, spanish green olive, all topped off with mozzarella whips.  Amazing.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4.5
Perfectly delightful, strong and tasty - it can't get much better than this for a traditional mix.

Chaser:  4.5
No choice on the matter, you get Lakefront Klisch but it's good, so no worries.

Service:  5
The staff is friendly, fast and kickass every.single.time.  Even on Sunday's when it's packed to the gills and every single person orders a damn bloody mary, they crank these puppies out quickly and they are friendly about it.

Value:  5
For $9 this is a no brainer - and holy shit, sometimes they do $5 bloodies on weekdays.  Follow them on Facebook to be kept up to date on that.

Total Rating:  24/25 (96%)

Overall one of my favorite bloody mary's in the city, and definitely one to try.  It's as close to perfect as it gets.  And their food menu isn't half bad either.  Definitely one of my top favorite restaurants in Milwaukee!


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