Sunday, June 9, 2013

Benelux Morning Rooster Bloody Mary

Benelux has a few bloody mary's with a gourmet twist.  I decided on their Morning Rooster one today.  On the menu it reads:  Hangar One chipotle vodka, jalapeno-stuffed olive.  It also came with the traditionally useless lemon and lime, as well as gouda cheese, a pimento stuffed olive, asparagus and a pickle.

Garnish / Presentation:  4
Pretty good, not too shabby, clean, modern.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4
Spicy, intricate - the chipotle vodka adds a really unique smoky flavor to the bloody.  It was almost a hair on the spicy side for me actually, but quite enjoyable.

Chaser:  4
Benelux isn't going to serve you up a bud light for the chaser.  They just aren't.  But they didn't ask my preference, so I got a beer that was a lot hoppier than I would have liked.

Service:  4 
Friendly, bien, bien.  They're quite nice and knowledgeable at Benelux.

Value:  4
Right about in line with what bloody mary's cost, at $8.

Total Rating:  20/25 (80%)

Overall:  It was a nice change from your average bloody mary, I enjoyed the spice and the chipotle twist.  Not sure I'd order this one again, I'd rather work my way through trying all their other versions!


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