Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sobleman's Bloody Mary Masterpiece Review

I have heard lots of things about Sobleman's Bloody Mary "Masterpiece", so I went to try it out today.  At first glance I was eager to try it - I ordered the $9 bloody mary which includes the mini burger on top.

Overall, it was fun and the burger was freaking delicious.  Still, I have to say that my picky ass was a little underwhelmed with their Bloody.  Here is my official rating.  :)

Garnish / Presentation:  4
The best thing about this bloody mary is the burger on the top.  This isn't surprising considering Sobleman's is known for its hamburgers.  The bun is toasted, buttery and delicious.  The presentation is nice, it's in a cute glass (though it seems a little small to me,) - and the garnishes are only about half of interest to me, personally.  Today's included:  small shrimp in the shell, lemon, pickle, pearl onion, scallion (odd choice,) olive, brussel sprout, pickled asparagus spear, mushroom, celery, cheese and sausage.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  3
The bloody mary was lukewarm with melted ice and watered down when I got it.  It was pretty underhwelming.  Once I mixed it up a bit I got some more of the spices from the bottom and it started to have more flavor, in fact a bit of a kick.  Definitely a Worcestershire sauce taste, and even slightly fishy.  A good amount of pepper bordering on too much.  I like my bloodies smooth, not gritty.  It seemed like they had them pre-made sitting and melting, then put the burgers on top before passing them out.  I'd rather wait an extra minute or two for a freshly mixed mary.

Chaser:  3
They had a chaser:  good.  The beer was not Bud Lite:  good.  They did not ask if I had a preference:  not so good.

Service:  4 
The staff was friendly and speedy, but were bickering behind the bar.

Value:  3
For $9 this is even slightly overpriced in my opinion.  The burger is rad but the rest of it is sub-par.  I would like to see a slightly bigger glass, or at least one that was filled with a bloody that wasn't watered down.

Total Rating:  17/25 (68%)

Overall:  If I have a bloody mary and don't want to order another one... that's not a good thing.  This is my favorite breakfast cocktail (and beats out most others most of the time.) -- Maybe the next time I'm at Sobleman's it will be freshly prepared, and that might make the difference for me.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Bloody Beginning

What started as a seemingly obsessive, bordering unhealthy love for bloody marys has evolved into starting this blog.  So let me venture out into this special world of bloodies where no cities do it quite like Milwaukee can.  I'll let you know what's the best bang for your buck, the best quality and consistency, and the ones to avoid if you can.