Sunday, June 9, 2013

Benelux Morning Rooster Bloody Mary

Benelux has a few bloody mary's with a gourmet twist.  I decided on their Morning Rooster one today.  On the menu it reads:  Hangar One chipotle vodka, jalapeno-stuffed olive.  It also came with the traditionally useless lemon and lime, as well as gouda cheese, a pimento stuffed olive, asparagus and a pickle.

Garnish / Presentation:  4
Pretty good, not too shabby, clean, modern.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4
Spicy, intricate - the chipotle vodka adds a really unique smoky flavor to the bloody.  It was almost a hair on the spicy side for me actually, but quite enjoyable.

Chaser:  4
Benelux isn't going to serve you up a bud light for the chaser.  They just aren't.  But they didn't ask my preference, so I got a beer that was a lot hoppier than I would have liked.

Service:  4 
Friendly, bien, bien.  They're quite nice and knowledgeable at Benelux.

Value:  4
Right about in line with what bloody mary's cost, at $8.

Total Rating:  20/25 (80%)

Overall:  It was a nice change from your average bloody mary, I enjoyed the spice and the chipotle twist.  Not sure I'd order this one again, I'd rather work my way through trying all their other versions!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Comet Cafe Bloody Mary in Milwaukee

I had heard killer things about Comet Cafe, and realized they also had a bloody mary I should be trying.  So, I got myself over there with a friend and gave it a shot.  This one is made with Rehorst Vodka. 

Garnish / Presentation:  4
Totally enjoyable.  Beef stick, pickle, cheese, pimento stuffed olive, and bacon.  (And the lime and lemon, naturally.)  

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4
Average but tasty, no complaints.

Chaser:  3.5
Miller Hi-Life.

Service:  5
Very friendly barstaff, they asked if I wanted the bloody sans-bacon or with bacon - the restaurant is very pro-vegan / pro-vegetarian.  But yeah, this girl wanted that bacon.

Value:  4
$8 - right in line, worth it.  

Total Rating:  20.5/25 (82%)

Overall:  Tasty and enjoyable, no complaints!  Plus, um... bacon.  Oh, and the food here is ridiculously good.  I seriously had the most amazing breakfast burrito of my life.