Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trocadero Traditional and Glorioso Bloody Mary

I went to Trocadero with a friend and we decided to order up a few bloodies.  Consensus:  Yum!

First up?  The "Traditional."  Menu reads:  "Winner of dozens of popularity contests, this Troc classic is garnished with a pimento-stuffed olive, pickle,  bean, and asparagus."

Garnish / Presentation:  3.5
Not my favorite in the world, most of what was on this one is pickled.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4
Average but tasty, no complaints.

Chaser:  5
Blue Moon was served up, which happens to be my favorite chaser.

Service:  4
Very friendly barstaff, but did seem somewhat absent minded and didn't really pay attention when we wanted another refill. ;)

Value:  4
$7 - Priced just slightly under many similar bloodies, I couldn't complain!

Total Rating:  20.5/25 (82%)

Next up: "Glorioso" - the menu reads as:  "Basil and garlic-infused Rehorst vodka, sport pepper, mozzarella ball, olive, pepperoni, pickle, bean, and asparagus."

Garnish / Presentation:  4
Much more enjoyable than the original - it comes with everything mentioned and is fun to consume.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4.5
Spicier, definitely.  Tasty, a bit of a kick, fun!

Chaser:  5
Blue Moon.  Fav.

Service:  4
See above.

Value:  4
$10 - A premium vodka but I think might still be a bit overpriced for what you are getting.

Total Rating:  21.5/25 (86%)

Overall:  Fun, hard to choose between the options.  I am not the hugest fan of their Traditional bloody - it's just "okay."  The upgrade is worth it for something more interesting.  Overall I think there are better bloodies in the city but this is a good option.  My friend had the "Frenchie" which has Grey Goose, a dijon mustard mixed in, a bleu cheese olive.  That was really interesting and she loved it - but beware if you don't like mustard!


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