Sunday, July 28, 2013

4th Base Bloody Mary - West Allis

I had heard rumors that 4th Base in West Allis has one of the best Bloodies in the city.  Considering I live in West Allis, it goes without saying that I was really excited at the possibility of a beautiful bloody being so accessible to me, so close to home.  I mean - to not have to drive all the way downtown for a killer bloody... that would be awesome!

Garnish / Presentation:  5
This bloody was fabulous, and unique compared to many others I've had.  The garnish consisted of red bell pepper, mushrooms, cauliflower, asparagus, green bean, olives and snap peas, topped off with some freshly fried onion strings.  All the veggies were fresh, not pickled or marinated in anything, which was a nice change.  The bloodies take a few minutes, but for such freshness it's totally worth it.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4
I ordered my first one spicy (he asked and I said "yes!") - it was delicious, the perfect mix of flavor and tomato and kick.  The second one she didn't ask about the spice so I got something a lot more average and mild.  It wasn't bad but I definitely enjoyed the spicier one more.

Chaser:  5
The chaser could be anything on tap, and it came in a FULL pint glass.  Total win.  I'd give this a 6 if I could.

Service:  4.5
The staff was friendly and funky, and the music was killer.  Think 90's R&B.  Could have only been better if they asked / checked about the spicy bloody the 2nd round (I get forgetful!)

Value:  5
For $10 this is a no brainer - you get a full beer and a full, loaded bloody!  Definitely a favorite!

Total Rating:  23.5/25 (94%)

Overall one of my favorite bloody mary's in the city, and definitely one to try.  It also doesn't hurt that 4th Base has a totally made-to-order breakfast/brunch service all day.  You go to their case and eyeball the fresh ingredients they have and order... whatever you feel like.  I got a veggie omelette and a meatball the size of a fist.  It was awesome.


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