Sunday, July 14, 2013

AJ Bombers - Truly the Bomb

I love the AJ Bomber's bloody mary.  Let's just get right to it, shall we?

Garnish / Presentation:  4.5
This is another one that is worth the wait for the end result.  That's because it arrives looking like a freaking smiley face, and it's half a cheeseburger wrapped in bacon.  I love the pickle and the olives, though I personally have no use for limes and lemons on my bloodies.

Bloody Mary Mixup:  4
Always tasty, just spicy enough, never a complaint here.

Chaser:  3.5
They had a chaser, it was Miller Lite, pretty average.

Service:  5
The staff is always kick-ass friendly, fun, entertaining, energetic.  I frequent AJ Bombers solo and chill at the bar when I'm there.  They make you feel uber comfortable.

Value:  4.5
With the burger on top, it really is one of my favorites.  And unlike Sobleman's, this bloody is delicious the entire way through. 

Total Rating:  21.5/25 (86%)

Overall:  I totally love this bloody mary.  I mean, burger.  I mean, restaurant.  Get thee to AJ Bombers immediately.. and don't stop with the bloody - the menu is killer, too.


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